- 36% Premium Lucky Wheel for E-commerce Website (Woocommerce based)
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Premium Lucky Wheel for E-commerce Website (Woocommerce based)

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We will implement our premium attractive Lucky Wheel project to any Woocommerce based E-commerce website to draw customers.

Customers will get Coupon code by spinning the Wheel. Coupon code will send to Customer’s Email ID.

Please read Description before placing Order to learn more about it.

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Our Lucky Wheel project gives you the best way to collect emails from customer visited your store. This system offers your customers to enter their emails and take a chance to win a discount coupon by spinning the wheel with our Lucky Wheel.

  • Allowing customers subscribe emails to spin for a discount coupon.
  • Auto-generate unique Coupons whenever a customer wins the wheel.
  • Send coupon code to the email address that is required to spin the wheel.
  • Sync customer emails to your MailChimp account.

This project is supported any Woocommerce based E-commerce website. We will implement to your website within 24 business hours and then you can change as per your choice from Admin panel.


POP-UP: A small pop-up appears on the corner of the screen, by clicking on it will open the Lucky Wheel windows.

  • Wheel piece: Free to add/remove wheel pieces, can be up to 20 pieces.
  • Spinning Times: Limit the spinning time of each email address
  • Delay Between Each Spin Of An Email: Select the delay time between each spin of an email
  • Wheel pop-up: Display a small wheel pop-up on the site front-end. Click on the pop-up will open the Lucky Wheel Windows.
  • Pop-up position: Select where the Wheel pop-up appears on front-end, there are 6 positions to be selected Top left, Top right, Bottom left, Bottom right, Middle left, Middle right.
  • Automatic: Select to let customers open the Wheel by click on the wheel pop-up or let the wheel appears automatically.
  • Hide pop-up: Hide the wheel pop-up on front-end, this option should enable only when you selected the automatical display on the Intent option.
  • Initial showing time: Select an initial showing time when the pop-up is hidden.
  • Hide the pop-up after successful spins: Select a delay time for the pop-up to reappear after a successful spin.


  • Coupon value type: Select a coupon value type for each piece, there are 6 options for you to select: Non (win nothing), Existing coupon, percentage discount, fixed product discount, fixed cart discount.
  • Label: Type in a label for each wheel piece, this label will be displayed on the front-end.
  • Value: If the wheel piece value type is “Existing coupon” then you need to paste the coupon code into this field. If the wheel piece value is “Non” then you can leave this field empty. If the wheel piece value is another discount type, then you will need to put in the amount of the discount. The plugin will automatically generate coupons with that amount.
  • Winning probability: Configure the winning probability of each piece (as percentages), all piece winning probability total must be 100%.
  • Piece background color: Set a background color for each piece.
  • Auto color: Let the project automatically pick-up piece colors.
  • Clone piece: Clone a piece with the same values for all options.
  • Remove piece: Allow you to completely delete a piece.
  • Wheel description: Write a Wheel description describe the wheel to your customer using a form, you can add pictures to the description.
  • Background: Upload a photo or pick up a color to use as the wheel window background.
  • Spin button text: Type in the text the spin now button SPIN NOW, TRY YOUR LUCK…)
  • Spin button color: Design the wheel button with text and background color.
  • Pointer Color: Select a color for the wheel pointer.
  • Wheel center color: Select a color for the wheel center area.
  • Not to display again: Enable option to let customer hide the wheel for a time.
  • Automatically hide wheel after finish spinning: After a successful spin the wheel will be hidden
  • Wheel center background image: This the best position to put your logo.
  • Wheel Border Color: Select a wheel border color.
  • Wheel Spinning Duration: Select the time the wheel spin before stopping and display the result.
  • Pointer Position: Select the wheel pointer position center, top, right or bottom.
  • Background effect: Snow effect, Winning effect.

EMAILS: Customers’ emails will be saved in Database and can be synced to MailChimp account. A congratulation email will be sent if a customer winning a prize be spinning the wheel. The email will be sent to the email address that the customer has just typed in.

  • MailChimp: Using MailChimp API key to sync emails to a selected mail list.
  • Winning email: Configure the email with Subject, Heading, and content.
  • Front-end message: There are two cases of messages that will be displayed on front-end. A message for the case that a customer wins something. Another for the case that a customer hit the piece with “non” value type

COUPON: Select an existing or let the plugin automatically generate coupons with the same options like in WooCommerce system.

Admin can configure Lucky Wheels with customized options and coupons from Admin Panel.

Please provide your detail requirements and upload all necessary files during Checkout. Don’t forget to provide your Whatsapp number as we will contact you during our work.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here.

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Premium Lucky Wheel for E-commerce Website (Woocommerce based)
Premium Lucky Wheel for E-commerce Website (Woocommerce based)
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